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Muscle Stim and muscle intelligence™, created by research laboratories, an exclusive and revolutionary technology.

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About Compex

Unparalleled Expertise

Compex is a Swiss brand that has built up unparalleled expertise over a period of just over twenty years in the areas of physiotherapy, pain treatment and sports training. Over the years, Compex’s flagship electrostimulation technology has become an essentially to health care professionals and the most demanding athletes. It is now a widely known training technique coming from an unparalleled expertise, used for physical preparation, muscular recovery, injury prevention and pain treatment. Backed up by clinical trials proving their effectiveness, Compex stimulators belong to medical device category class II and meet the requirements of the European Medical Standard 93/42 EEC.

More About Compex

Compex Electrical Muscle Stimulation

COMPEX® Electrical Muscle Stimulation becomes essential when you are looking to improve your performance and well-being; whether as a complement to or occasionally to replace voluntary physical activity. Whether this involves training, muscle work, relaxation, a desire to improve your shape, to recover or else to relieve a pain, COMPEX® fully assumes its responsibilities as electrostimulation market leader.

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"I’ve had a very long and successful career and one of the reasons I’ve been able to stay at the top for a long time is that I’ve always taken my training seriously. Compex is a vital part of all my training."


Compex Mi And Compex Wireless

Muscle Stim and muscle intelligence™ , created by research laboratories, an exclusive and revolutionary technology, Compex MI, muscle intelligence™ automatically personalizes the stimulation settings depending on the physiology of each user. It is this systematic personalization that makes for a more comfortable and hence more efficient workout. Thanks to the mi-sensor miniature sensor a new world of precision and effectiveness has opened up in your workout sessions.

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"Live life at 100 km an hour, just like in cycling, don’t just coast on the wheels but try to give life your own rhythm."

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The new Compex Coach App will guide you to set up your objectives, help you plan your training and remind you when to have your next Compex session. You can also easily share your sessions with your friends.

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